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  • Brownian Motion@lemmy.worldtoTechnology@lemmy.worldNew dishwasher video drop
    1 month ago

    I hate this guy with a passion. He is not intelligent, but hell he sure likes to speak down to you like his shit doesn’t stink.

    Speaking of dishwashers, this is the last thing you should be listening about from him, given the shitshow of a video he made which even had Bosch and other manufacturers contact him and tell him how incorrect he was.

  • This is not really a story, is it.

    I worked for an Australian company, that was bought by an American company. Instantly we were required to do business as per American law, such as embargo’s. We lost many customers (businesses) that honestly had nothing to do with the actual reason for the embargos. For example Iran has an American embargo because of nuclear refinement, but we just wanted to sell “knives and forks” to them. Nope - they might use those forks in their refinement centrifuges… This is what happens (but also why embargos work).

    Kaspersky is Russian owned, so the hacks were discovered by Russian [whitehat] hackers. I’ll bet that Apple had no ability to do “business” with the company, even if it wanted to, since Russia is currently under embargo due to the Ukraine conflict.

    Now if Kaspersky spent time undermining it’s own failure of a government, and putting an end to its dictatorship, things would probably work out better for everyone in Russia.

  • I’m no html type code expert, but I do code a lot in other languages. I used f12 on a browser to look at what was going on, on the reddit sites and I have never seen such spaghetti code and layers upon layers of adjustments. I have no idea what they are using behind the scenes (php/js etc, again not my expertise) but it has to be an absolute shitshow.

    On old old, and old new, I used to use an element picker in uBlock origin etc, to just remove all the bullshit that annoyed me. This actually sped things up! But its not perfect.

    Oh this reminds me, if you are trying to get to new.reddit, for the old-new page, I had to delete all those elements as well, then goto new.reddit fresh and sign in. Then do the element pick again.