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  • I really should know how they figured out how to do this what with going to school for audio engineering when cassettes were still around, but at some point, they figured out a way to get walkmen to just stop working when the battery was too low instead of slowing down.

    But yeah, because of that, occasionally music at the right speed sounds too fast for me, especially classical music.

  • My claim is that making the animal sounds clearer so that there is no confusion for the listener is not garbage under any definition.

    And if that were the only thing I said, you’d have a point.

    It was far from the only thing I said.

    In fact, you’re even misrepresenting that part of what I said. I said that occasionally software is used to clarify audio. Far more often, it’s just added in post from a sound effect library or foley artist. It may not even be a noise that animal ever makes.