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  • This is the best summary I could come up with:

    Announcing the Liberal government’s proposed changes to capital gains taxes last week, Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland repeated a thought experiment she first suggested in her budget speech back in the spring.

    Days later, after announcing his party’s intention to vote against the changes, Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre released a 16-minute video on the topic that referenced Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin.

    To this debate, Poilievre has now added not only odd historical references but also an element of mystery — a promise to pursue some unspecified tax reform if he forms government.

    Seizing on Freeland’s own comments, Poilievre challenged the finance minister to promise that not a single welder, plumber, carpenter, electrician or farmer would be affected.

    More substantively, the Conservatives have echoed the Canadian Medical Association’s claim that changes to capital gains taxes will make it harder to recruit and retain doctors.

    And by trying to make the debate about plumbers and carpenters, Poilievre presumably is hoping also to undercut any suggestion that his position on capital gains contradicts his claim to be a champion of “common” people and an enemy of the “elites.”

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  • This is the best summary I could come up with:

    The federal government is delaying the closure of open-net salmon farms off British Columbia’s coast until 2029.

    She says the government will soon introduce nine-year licences for closed-containment (as opposed to open-net) salmon farm operations

    Salmon Farmers Association has said about 4,700 jobs and more than $1 billion in annual economic activity will be lost if the licences can’t be renewed, while opponents say the farms can spread lice and disease to wild fish.

    The federal government is expected to announce the way forward for fish farms along British Columbia’s coast.

    Ocean-pen aquaculture operations have been a flashpoint between First Nations, the industry, wild salmon advocates and environmentalists for several years.

    Opponents worry that open-net salmon farms can spread disease or lice to wild fish, while supporters say the risks are low.

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  • This is the best summary I could come up with:

    With users being bitten in recent days by this behavior when they were just expecting tmp files to be removed, systemd 256.1 is now available and does have a change to avoid inadvertently deleting your all-important home directory.

    Thus those trying to do system maintenance without reading the man page could find their /home data deleted.

    Initially the bug report was shot down by systemd developer Luca Boccassi of Microsoft with: So an option that is literally documented as saying “all files and directories created by a tmpfiles.d/ entry will be deleted”, that you knew nothing about, sounded like a “good idea”?

    Maybe don’t just run random commands that you know nothing about, while ignoring what the documentation tells you?

    Just a thought eh Ultimately though after much discussion the past few days, systemd-tmpfiles behavior is now improved upon.

    Merged yesterday was this patch that now makes systemd-tmpfiles accept a configuration file when running purge.

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  • This is the best summary I could come up with:

    President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un signed the comprehensive strategic partnership treaty after their summit in Pyongyang on Wednesday.

    Putin called the new treaty, which would replace the previous ones, “a truly groundbreaking document that reflects the desire of the two countries not to rest on their laurels, but to bring our relations to a new qualitative level.”

    After hugs and a brief chat, the two rode in a Russian-made Aurus sedan together to the Kumsusan State Guesthouse along the capital’s streets, which flew Russian national flags and welcoming banners.

    He further promised “full support and solidarity with the Russian government, army and people in carrying out the special military operation in Ukraine to protect the sovereignty, security interests and territorial integrity,” according to Sputnik.

    Putin thanked Kim for North Korea’s support for the war and stressed the two countries’ historical comradeship spanning from the early 20th century to their current opposition to “the hegemony policy, the imperialist politics of the United States and its satellites,” Tass reported.

    In the press conference later, Putin criticized the U.S.’ “confrontational policy” in the region and defended North Korea against “all the attempts to place the blame for destabilization of the international situation” on his host.

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  • This is the best summary I could come up with:

    This month, Walmart became the latest retailer to announce it’s replacing the price stickers in its aisles with electronic shelf labels.

    If there’s something that’s close to the expiration date, we can lower the price — that’s the good news,” said Phil Lempert, a grocery industry analyst.

    Companies across industries have caused controversy with talk of implementing surge pricing, with fast-food restaurant Wendy’s making headlines most recently.

    The ability to easily change prices wasn’t mentioned in Walmart’s announcement that 2,300 stores will have the digitized shelf labels by 2026.

    Walmart’s not the first major grocer to make the change, as you can already find electronic shelf labels at Whole Foods, Amazon Fresh stores, and the Midwestern chain Schnucks.

    While the labels give retailers the ability to increase prices suddenly, Gallino doubts companies like Walmart will take advantage of the technology in that way.

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  • This is the best summary I could come up with:

    As MPs prepare to return to their ridings for the summer, some Liberals are acknowledging that they may be facing unhappy constituents, while others insist they aren’t focused on the party’s grim poll numbers.

    Ipsos, Angus Reid and Abacus all released surveys this week that suggest the opposition Conservatives have a 20-point lead over the governing party.

    When asked what the Liberals could do to turn their polling numbers around over the summer, House leader Steve MacKinnon offered a gardening metaphor.

    Quebec MP Anthony Housefather considered leaving the party earlier this spring over the caucus’s support for an NDP motion on Palestinian statehood.

    In an exclusive interview with CBC News Network’s Power and Politics on Monday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the polls shouldn’t matter until an election campaign starts.

    Polling expert Philippe Fournier of 338Canada told Power & Politics earlier this month that despite the Liberals’ strong results in 2021 — when Bennett won over half of the vote — there is a risk they might lose the riding in the byelection.

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  • This is the best summary I could come up with:

    Washington has set out an industrial policy that hits Chinese manufacturers of cars, batteries and other components with punitive tariffs and restricts federal tax incentives for consumers buying their products.

    The administration is attempting to reconcile its industrial and climate policies by offering tax incentives to consumers to buy EVs and by encouraging manufacturers to develop US-dominated supply chains.

    According to data analyzed by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), a Washington think-tank, US-based carmakers have been importing a growing share of their batteries from China.

    Ilaria Mazzocco, chair in Chinese business and economics at CSIS, says the reduced competition and rising cost of imported battery components could delay price decreases for US consumers.

    Bozzella says that even with the tariff protection measures and US subsidies in place, he was unsure how long it would take for the US auto industry to produce EVs that could compete with heavily subsidized Chinese vehicles on pricing.

    Van Jackson, previously an official in the Obama administration and now a senior lecturer in international relations at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand, says electric cars still need to fall in price if the market is to grow substantially.

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  • This is the best summary I could come up with:

    Helping you cut down on all those wires, and potentially making way for cheaper low-end VR headsets for streaming, ElectricMaple was announced by Collabora and PlutoVR joining the likes of WiVRn and ALVR.

    ALVR is probably one of the best known VR streaming options, allowing you to stream VR games from your PC to your headset via Wi-Fi that works with SteamVR or Oculus Software (using Revive), and it supports various headsets although their Linux support is still early and rough.

    WiVRn is another, that the developer of posted in our Discord recently, which implements OpenXR, built on top of Monado that the developer says “the client application works on most standalone headsets”.

    This project is a bit more fresh and recent, with the developer noting they “think it is now mature enough for people to use”.

    Working in collaboration with PlutoVR, they note it’s “designed to enhance standalone XR experiences through remote-rendering” and that it uses “the power of Monado OpenXR and GStreamer, ElectricMaple enables high-quality XR streaming from graphics-capable servers to lightweight standalone headsets”.

    ElectricMaple seems like it’s geared more towards hardware vendors, whereas ALVR and WiVRn are more for users to try on existing headsets.

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  • This is the best summary I could come up with:

    The summit came as Putin visited North Korea for the first time in 24 years and the U.S. and its allies expressed growing concerns over a possible arms arrangement in which Pyongyang provides Moscow with badly needed munitions for its war in Ukraine, in exchange for economic assistance and technology transfers that could enhance the threat posed by Kim’s nuclear weapons and missile program.

    In Hanoi, Putin is scheduled to meet with Vietnam’s most powerful politician, Communist Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong, and new President To Lam, as the Russian leader seeks to strengthen ties with a longtime partner.

    After spending the night at a state guest house, Putin was welcomed Wednesday morning in a ceremony at the city’s main square, filled with what appeared to be tens of thousands of spectators, including children with balloons and people in coordinated T-shirts of the red, white and blue national colors of both countries.

    In March, a Russian veto in the Security Council ended monitoring of U.N. sanctions against North Korea over its nuclear program, prompting Western accusations that Moscow is seeking to avoid scrutiny as it buys weapons from Pyongyang.

    In Washington, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Putin’s visit illustrates how Russia tries, “in desperation, to develop and to strengthen relations with countries that can provide it with what it needs to continue the war of aggression that it started against Ukraine.”

    The North could also seek to increase labor exports to Russia and other activities to get foreign currency in defiance of U.N. sanctions, according to the Institute for National Security Strategy, a think tank run by South Korea’s main spy agency.

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  • This is the best summary I could come up with:

    Vladimir Putin said Russia and North Korea have ramped up ties to a “new level,” pledging to help each other if either nation is attacked in a “breakthrough” new partnership announced during the Russian president’s rare visit to the reclusive state.

    Putin was met with exuberant celebrations at a welcome ceremony with his counterpart at Kim Il Sung Square in the heart of the North Korean capital, where mounted soldiers, military personnel and children holding balloons cheered against the backdrop of large portraits of the each leader.

    Putin landed in North Korea in the early hours of Wednesday local time, exactly 24 years to the day he was last in Pyongyang, for a visit heralding the countries’ deepening alignment in the face of shared animosity toward the West and international concerns over their growing military cooperation.

    In remarks ahead of talks between the two, Kim voiced his “full support and solidarity with the struggles of the Russian government, military and the people,” pointing specifically to Moscow’s war in Ukraine “to protect its own sovereignty, safety and territorial stability.”

    The latest raft of diplomacy comes as shared frustrations with the West have driven the two countries closer – a trend observers say has now been accelerated by the war in Ukraine and has seen North Korea gain a powerful friend in the UN Security Council.

    In March, Moscow vetoed a UN resolution to renew independent monitoring of North Korea’s violations of Security Council sanctions – raising concerns about the relationship weakening controls on Kim’s illegal weapons program.

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  • This is the best summary I could come up with:

    BRUSSELS ― The European Commission will Wednesday rebuke the governments of France and Italy for spending too much, EU officials have told POLITICO.

    They are among seven EU countries that will officially be reproached after the Commission reintroduced debt and deficit rules that were frozen to allow public spending to soften the economic blow of the Covid-19 pandemic.

    The announcement comes as the far-right National Rally (RN) is campaigning to lead the French government after President Emmanuel Macron called a snap election.

    If RN wins, the EU action could serve to constrain its spending plans that mixes tax cuts and protectionism.

    France and the other countries have to present a roadmap to the Commission in the fall setting out how they aim to get their budgets back in line.

    The so-called Excessive Deficit Procedure (EDP) is designed to rein in spending in countries exceeding the EU’s 3 percent GDP-deficit ratio.

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  • This is the best summary I could come up with:

    Researchers from the University of Michigan are using artificial intelligence (AI) to better understand what a dog’s bark conveys about whether it is feeling playful or angry.They are also digging into whether AI could correctly identify a dog’s age, gender and breed based on what it woofs.The scientists were able to make progress towards decoding canine communication by repurposing existing computer models trained on human speech.

    "Our research opens a new window into how we can leverage what we built so far in speech processing to start understanding the nuances of dog barks.

    "AI has enabled great strides to be made in understanding the subtleties of speech.AI-powered systems are used to distinguish nuances in tone, pitch and accent, which in turn enables technologies such as voice-recognition software.They have reached that level of sophistication by being trained on a huge number of real human voices.

    However, no comparable database exists for dogs.“Animal vocalizations are logistically much harder to solicit and record,” pointed out Artem Abzaliev, the study’s lead author.His team set out to discover whether scientists could get round that lack of data by piggy-backing on research carried out on humans.So his team gathered the barks, growls and whimpers of 74 dogs of varying breeds, ages and sexes, in a variety of contexts.They the fed them into a machine-learning model - a type of algorithm that identifies patterns in large data sets - which had been designed to analyse human speech.And they found it also did a good job at cocking at ear at what dogs were communicating too.On average, the researchers found their model was 70% accurate across various tests.

    "This is the first time that techniques optimized for human speech have been built upon to help with the decoding of animal communication,” said Ms Mihalcea.

    “Our results show that the sounds and patterns derived from human speech can serve as a foundation for analyzing and understanding the acoustic patterns of other sounds, such as animal vocalizations.”The researchers say their findings could have “important implications” for animal welfare.They suggest better understanding the nuances of the various noises animals make could improve how humans interpret and respond to their emotional and physical needs.The results were presented at the Joint International Conference on Computational Linguistics, Language Resources and Evaluation.Mexico’s National Institute of Astrophysics, Optics and Electronics Institute also worked with the University of Michigan on the project.

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  • This is the best summary I could come up with:

    “I’m worried that you may be overly concerned with appearing partisan and that that will freeze you in terms of taking the actions that are necessary,” Sen. Angus King, a Maine independent who caucuses with the Democrats, told cybersecurity and intelligence officials at a hearing last month.

    In interagency meetings about the issue, the official said, it’s clear that the Biden administration does not have a specific plan for how to deal with domestic election disinformation, whether it’s a deepfake impersonating a candidate or a false report about violence or voting locations being closed that could dissuade people from going to the polls.

    At a recent meeting with tech executives and nonpartisan watchdog groups, a senior federal official in cybersecurity acknowledged that fake videos or audio clips generated by AI posed a potential risk in an election year.

    Early in President Joe Biden’s term, the administration sought to tackle the danger presented by false information circulating on social media, with DHS setting up a disinformation working group led by an expert from a nonpartisan Washington think tank.

    Stanford University’s Internet Observatory, which had produced influential research on how false information moved through social media platforms during elections, recently laid off most of its staff after a spate of legal challenges and political criticism.

    Two days before New Hampshire’s presidential primary in January, the state attorney general’s office put out a statement warning the public about AI-produced robocalls using fake audio clips that sounded like Biden telling voters not to go to the polls.

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  • This is the best summary I could come up with:

    For those looking for the hidden hand of politics in what the Supreme Court does, there’s plenty of reason for suspicion on Donald Trump’s as-yet-undecided immunity case given its urgency.

    But it’s considerably more drawn out than the schedule the court established earlier this year on a challenge from Colorado after that state took Mr. Trump off its presidential primary ballot.

    The court is a busy place, though the justices are completing decisions at the second slowest rate since the 1946 term, according to a recent article in The Wall Street Journal.

    And yet Mr. Trump’s lawyers continued to take the untenable position, in response to questioning, that a president who orders the assassination of a political rival could not face criminal charges (absent impeachment by the House and conviction in the Senate).

    In 1974, the Watergate special prosecutor squared off against President Richard Nixon over his refusal to release Oval Office tape recordings of his conversations with aides.

    Even if presidents enjoy some immunity for official acts, plotting to remain in office while continuing to question the results of an election they clearly lost isn’t one of them.

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  • This is the best summary I could come up with:

    One prominent crypto news account on X, Pirate Wires, even says Trump’s son Barron is taking the lead on the project.

    Mike Solana from Pirate Wires later clarified that he hadn’t spoken with the Trump campaign directly about $DJT while warning whoever’s behind the memecoin could “rug pull, or pivot.” It’s not entirely clear what “per conversations” meant in this case.

    “I offered to help the people that reached out with legal and biz intros but told them I wouldn’t take anything in return because I got the vibes that the guy who approached me is a Fed.

    The report from the Times also highlights the enormous amount of money that’s been donated by Ripple, Coinbase, and Andreessen Horowitz to crypto super PACs in their effort to fight against what they see as anti-crypto House and Senate candidates.

    One of those PACs, Fairshake, already ran TV and YouTube ads against Democratic congresswoman Katie Porter in the California Senate primary.

    For instance, one scam looks exactly like Trump’s real fundraising website but has the domain donalbjtrump.com, misspelling the former president’s first name as “Donalb.” Any crypto “donations” to that site actually go straight to scammers, as you could guess.

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  • This is the best summary I could come up with:

    The Victorian government wants to amend the Control of Weapons Act to allow police to declare a designated search area faster and for a longer period of time.

    Speaking at a press conference on Tuesday morning, Mr Carbines said searches would not be limited to just edged weapons.

    The Victorian government has committed to raising the age of criminal responsibility to 14 by 2027, a change supported by a raft of medical, legal and social justice groups, as well as the United Nations.

    In a press release, the Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service also welcomed the introduction of the Bill, but raised concern over the inclusion of new police powers.

    “We strongly oppose the inclusion of any new police powers that allow them to engage with children aged 10 and 11 in a way that replicates criminalisation,” a spokesperson said.

    Opposition Leader John Pesutto said his party was still “digesting” the Bill — but accused the government of failing to properly invest in youth crime prevention programs.

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  • This is the best summary I could come up with:

    It’s a big part of why it passed a law in April to force a sale of TikTok’s US assets from its China-based owner, ByteDance, or else face a ban.

    In fact, compared to Facebook, Instagram, and X (formerly Twitter), respondents felt that TikTok was the app least likely to influence the news stories they saw, whether that be via algorithmic recommendations or content moderation.

    Of course, what respondents view as “inaccurate” should also be scrutinized, given that we live in a polarized news media ecosystem where information can be labeled as fake to serve a particular interest.

    Earlier this year, President Joe Biden signed a divest-or-ban law meant to address national-security concerns around what TikTok’s owner ByteDance could be compelled to do by the Chinese government.

    TikTok grew its US audience rapidly between 2018 and 2022 after merging with lip-synching app Musical.ly and offering an endless stream of short videos centered on music, dance, comedy, and other areas of entertainment and media.

    TikTok users told Business Insider last year that they tended to view individual creators or non-news accounts as more authentic, relatable, and trustworthy sources compared to traditional institutions that they believed had an agenda.

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  • This is the best summary I could come up with:

    The Commission said it was satisfied that “the opening of a deficit-based excessive deficit procedure is warranted” in the case of seven countries.

    The EU suspended debt and deficit regulations to help countries cope with the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

    The rules are now back in place and now any EU country going over debt and deficit limits run the risk of legal action.

    According to the reformed rules, an EU member state’s debt may not exceed 60% of gross domestic product (GDP).

    According to the commission’s economic forecast, France is at -5.5%, Italy is at -4.4% and Belgium is at -4.4% and will breach this deficit limit in 2024.

    Austria, Finland, Estonia, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia also have deficits that are too high according to the rules.

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  • This is the best summary I could come up with:

    Environmental protesters sprayed paint on Stonehenge on Wednesday, with footage showing an orange powder covering some of the stones.

    Two protesters dressed in white were seen running towards two of the megaliths and spraying paint, as another person attempted to stop them, in footage released by Just Stop Oil, an environmental activist group focused on the issue of human-caused climate change.

    The prehistoric structure dates back to somewhere between 3100 BC and 1600 BC, according to archaeologists.

    Just Stop Oil has drawn criticism for targeting public treasures in the past, including the vandalism of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers with tomato soup in a publicity stunt at London’s National Gallery in 2022.

    Less than a year later, two protesters from the group disrupted play during the Wimbledon Tennis Championships, running onto the court throwing confetti from a picture-puzzle box featuring an image of Wimbledon’s famed Center Court.

    On the eve of that tournament, celebrities including Richard Curtis and Emma Thompson had called on Wimbledon to end its partnership with Barclays Bank over the institution’s multibillion-dollar support for fossil fuel projects.

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  • This is the best summary I could come up with:

    The incident is the latest in a series of escalating confrontations between Chinese and Philippine vessels in recent months off the disputed Second Thomas Shoal, where a tiny Philippine garrison is stationed on an old warship BRP Sierra Madre that was deliberately beached.

    The Philippine boats were on a resupply mission Monday when they were attacked by the Chinese Coast Guard.

    Philippines military chief General Romeo Brawner said the seized weapons were meant for Filipino troops manning the BRP Sierra Madre warship on the shoal.

    “We fought back with our bare hands,” Brawner said, noting that the Filipino sailors were “outnumbered” by the eight-boat Chinese coast guard contingent.

    According to Torres, the Filipino sailors were under orders not to show their weapons in a confrontation, and one of them lost a thumb.

    China uses coast guard and other vessels to patrol the waters and has turned several reefs into militarized artificial islands.

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