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  • The Washington Times obituary of Spillane said of Hammer, “In a manner similar to Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry, Hammer was a cynical loner contemptuous of the ‘tedious process’ of the legal system, choosing instead to enforce the law on his own terms.”

    Christ, what vicious condemnation.

    Jenny Nicholson reviewed the book Trigger Warning. In the last dozen pages, some Navy Seal Delta Force Army Ranger suddenly appears and offers the alleged protagonist a job as a “one-man strike team,” roaming the country and “righting wrongs.” Like all the three-letter agencies got together to make some witness-protection mooks into fascist vigilantes. Every single time, it is shocking to remember that this power fantasy is some assholes’ actual moral belief system. These are problems they really believe exists - these are solutions they desperately want to see.

  • “Patiently wait” is a funny way to spell “invade and systematically undermine.”

    No reason every country around them has missiles - right? No history of getting rolled, by them. Not like there’s an alliance specifically dedicated to stopping them from gobbling up nearby territory whenever they feel like it.